Service information


Please ask the Information counter on 2F (next to the escalator in front of the 2F main entrance) if you have any questions or requests about YOKOHAMA WORLD PORTERS.
Free rental of prams and strollers
Prams: for infants aged 1-48 months
Strollers: for infants aged 2-36 months
Car parking service handling
Free rental of wheelchairs
Lost and found inquiries

Coin lockers (for pay 1F&2F)

Coin lockers are available on 1F and 2F.
*Oversized coin lockers (height 85.6cm x width 34.2cm x depth 66.3cm) are located in the Welcome Hall (front entrance) on 2F.
*Available during the business hours of facilities.

Baby Milk Preparation Rooms(2F)

Water heater,hand-washin sink,bench,breast-feeding space exclusively for mothers,
microwave oven,and weaning food and beverage vending machine ,diaper changing tables are available.

Diaper Change Rooms(3F,4F)

Hand-wash sinks,diaper changing tables and changing boards available.

1F Kids’ toilets on the parking lot side

-Western-style toilet seats for children
-Baby seats
-Fitting board
*A urinal for male kids is provided in women's toilets on each floor.
Auxiliary seats for kids are also provided in priority toilets on each floor.
(Except the toilets in the cinema)

Priority toilets

Priority toilets are provided in a wide space on each floor.
-Warm water toilet seats (with backrest and handrails)
-Universal seats (except the toilets on the 1F parking lot side and the toilets in the cinema)
You can use them for diaper changing for disabled or elderly people.
-Baby seats (except the toilets in the cinema)
You can use them for diaper changing for infants.
-Auxiliary seats for kids

Toilets for ostomate

Priority toilets on the 1F parking lot side provide ostomate-support functions.
*Please note that no universal seats are provided in these toilets.

ATMs(located near the front entrance)

Bank of Yokohama
 (Weekdays: 9:00-21:00 / Weekend & Holidays: 9:00-21:00)
AEON BANK(1F, located at near the Ferris Wheel side gate(10:30-23:45) 2F, located at near the Parking lot side gate(8:00-23:20))
FamilyMart(1F, located inside the shop)
* Weekend & Holiday service hours may vary depending on the individual bank.

Money Change

floor guide

Floor Guide PDF(PDF:528KB)

Smoking area

Smoking area is provided on the parking lot side on 1F, 2F, 5F, and 6F.

Prayer Room

Service Hours: 10:30-21:00
If you want use the room, please contact Information Point on the 2nd floor.

floor guide

prayer room

prayer room


Various kinds of credit cards and e-money are available. (The types available are different depending on the store.)
Pets are not allowed.
Assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs and hearing dogs) are allowed in the facilities.
Smoking is not allowed in the facilities. Please use the designated smoking area.
Currency exchange is not acceptable.
Please refrain from shooting in the facilities.
Please do not use skateboards, scooters, or shoes with rollers in the facilities.